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Annual Car Parking Applications FAQs

I already have a permit – do I need to go through the application process again?

Yes, annual car parking permits do not renew automatically and expires on 30th September each year. Please consider whether a parking permit is still required: information on other travel options is available on the sustainable transport webpages

I live in Cambridge, can I apply if I still apply for a permit?

Staff members living in Cambridge are not entitled to apply for a permit under the criteria point inadequate public transport. However, members of staff who live in Cambridge are able to apply under the following criteria points:

  • you are a blue badge holder
  • you have medical or physical condition(s) which means you have a need to park in close proximity to your place of work
  • a need to attend to dependent family members during the day in areas not immediately accessible by public transport
  • unsocial hours of work or have a requirement to use a car for work purposes on a regular basis during the working day as an essential part of your duties

Why can I only select one criteria on the application form?

The current parking permit policy allocates permits in ranking order of the parking permit criteria, therefore applicants are asked to select only one of the criteria. You should select the point highest up the list that fits your circumstances.

I have issues with accessing and submitting the form, what do I do?

Please try one or all of the following:

  • choose a different internet browser
  • clear your cache/browser history
  • open form in incognito mode

If none of these options resolve your issue, please contact, including the screenshot if possible.

I am a lecturer and wish to apply for a Bona Fide permit, how do I do this?

If there is a Bona Fide requirement, please contact the car parking administrator for your department. They will then need to make an e-mail request to the Facilities Manager so that this can be considered.

When will I find out if my car parking application was successful?

Allocated permits will be issued at the end of September by Department Administrators. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified.  

If you have not received an outcome for your application by 5 October 2022, please contact your Department Administrator.

Can I apply for a permit after the deadline for applications has passed?

Yes, however only after mid-October 2022 when the first round of the annual allocation is complete and the application window reopens.

How long does it take to process my application if I applied in the second application window?

Once your application is approved by your department car parking administrator, which can be up to 2 weeks after applications re-open to allow all those who missed  the main window to apply and then allocate what permits they have remaining to those with the greatest need. It will usually take 5 working days to process once your application had been approved. Your Department administrator will be notified once complete and your card has been activated for barriers.

My University Card is no longer operating the barriers, what should I do?

If you have applied for a parking permit, please check if your card is in date. If your card has expired, please contact your department card representative.

If your card is in date and you are a permit holder please contact Please note that your card won’t operate the barrier if you are on foot.

How do I update my car park access if I get a new card?

If you are issued with a new card, please contact with your full name and CRSid and we will update your car parking access as soon as possible.

I have changed my vehicle, how do I update my registration?

Please go to our webpage Car Parking Applications | Estates Division ( and click on ‘complete this form’ under ‘How do I apply for a car parking permit?’.

Then click on ‘View your previous submissions’, select your application Id and click on ‘Edit’ tab. Then cross out your old registration and write a new one on your current parking permit. We are not able to issue replacement permits at this time.

I have moved to a different department, do I need to re-apply and if so how do I re-apply?

Yes, you will need to re-apply. Please go to our webpage Car Parking Applications | Estates Division ( and click on ‘Complete this form’ located underneath of ‘How do I apply for a car parking permit?’. 

Then click on ‘View your previous submissions’, select your application Id and click on ‘Edit’ tab.

I am a permit holder, but I am using a different car today, can I still park?

Yes, you are still permitted to park. Please ensure that a note is left in a clearly visible position (i.e. on the vehicle dashboard) stating your permit reference and contact details.

I would like to discuss my application further, who do I contact to do this?

Please contact your Department Administrator in the first instance. If they are unable to assist, please ask them to forward the query to and one of the Car Parking Team will respond.

I no longer require my secure locker in the Park & Cycle facility. How do I return the key?

Please return your key to the Facilities Manager. To arrange this, please email the Facilities Management team -

Last updated 28.10.2022