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Everyone in the University has a responsibility when it comes to Fire Safety.

We must all take reasonable care to ensure our actions do not compromise our own safety or prejudice the safety of others from the effects of Fire.

The University has a duty to provide suitable and sufficient training to all its employees upon induction and at a periodic intervals thereafter.

The Safety Office offers a wide range of standard courses and is pleased to tailor specific courses to suite departmental requirements.
For information about availability and booking arrangements please contact

The Fire Safety Team are currently reviewing the Training.  You can still book on the courses provided.  Standard courses include: [click here for further course information]

  • Fire Safety Awareness (E Learning or in person) - On Induction and annually
  • Fire Warden - On appointment and refresher every 2 years
  • Departmental Fire Safety Managers - On appointment
  • Departmental Fire Safety Managers Refresher - Every 3 years
  • Evacuation Aids - On appointment and refresher every 2 years

Fire Safety in the Workplace

Personal awareness, prevention of fires and correct action in fire emergencies are all of crucial importance.

Ensure you know:

  • Your building emergency procedures
  • The location of your fire escape routes
  • The position of the fire alarm call points and fire extinguishers
  • How to raise the alarm if you discover a fire
  • The location of your assembly point
  • How to call the Fire and Rescue Service
  • Who your Fire Safety Manager is

If you are in doubt, find out by asking your Departmental Administrator or Fire Safety Manager.