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The Asbestos team provide and maintain a centralised asbestos inventory for University controlled buildings that is compliant to statutory and best practice guidance. This inventory is referred to as the University Asbestos Register.

The asbestos register must be consulted prior to all activity that might disturb the fabric of a building, and / or involve a buildings fixed plant and services. Such activity includes simple and short duration work, such as drilling a single hole or attaching items to walls, through to major refurbishments or demolition.


About the register

We are currently in the process of introducing a new online asbestos register system, namely Micad, and the existing online asbestos register system i.e. Asbestos Online, will be gradually phased out. However, until such time that the new online asbestos register is fully implemented, both systems will be utilised.

Both online asbestos registers are accessible via the internet and do not require the installation of specialist software.

Please note: until Asbestos Online is phased out; it will only be available to nominated Estates Division personnel. If you are directed to Asbestos Online and you are not an Estates Division employee, existing hard copy asbestos site registers must continue to be referred to, and / or the AIRF system used.

When fully implemented, the new asbestos register will be available via an online portal to nominated Estates Divsion personnel and to other University stakeholders e.g. persons within Departments who have local asbestos management responsibilities and / or persons with responsibility for coordinating local asbestos management arrangements.


Using and understanding the Micad Portal

A basic user guidance document has been created to support the use of the Micad Portal.

Reference to this guidance and frequent use of the Portal, will aid familiarisation, enhance/ reinforce the understanding of the system and its functionality


Accessing the register

Until further notice, you will need to apply be registered as a User and obtain a separate password for each online asbestos register system. Do not disclose your passwords to anyone and remember to use the system’s logout button when you finish.

Click the ‘Building Dashboard’ link below and follow the instructions given if you would like to view the available asbestos information for a particular building (you may need to use your Raven ID/password and normal network login details to access the system when prompted).

Following the instructions given will direct you to the applicable online asbestos register.

Building dashboard


Register for access, or problems logging into the register

To register as a user on the Micad Portal, or report any issues with the dashboard link above, please contact the EM Technology Helpdesk.

To register as a user on Asbestos Online (or disable an existing account), please contact the Asbestos team.

Please provide the following information when you make your query:

  • Your contact details
  • The system your query relates to (Asbestos Online or Micad)
  • The buildings that you have responsibility for (Departments only)
  • Your username (as applicable)
  • Brief details of the issue (if possible, email a screenshot of the error message / page)