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The Park and Cycle facility is located at the West Cambridge Site, off Clerk Maxwell Road, and has been in operation since 2001.

Who can apply?

The scheme is available to all City Centre-based University of Cambridge staff.

How does it work?

It works in the same way as a Park and Ride but with bikes! Essentially a user can drive to the Park and Cycle area, park their car, take out their bike from an individual locker and cycle the rest of the way to work. Water proof clothing and cycle helmets etc. can also be stored in the lockers.

It is not compulsory to cycle. Staff can still use the facility if they wish to jog, walk or take the subsidised Universal bus to complete their journey.

Cars cannot be left overnight except by prior arrangements.

Is it safe? (Will my bike get stolen?)

Security and personal safety at the Site has been carefully considered and is top priority. The University has developed the design of the scheme in conjunction with the Police and the Automobile Association (AA). The facility is accredited with the Park Mark under the safer parking award scheme, an initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers in conjunction with the British Parking Association.

There is an extensive security system in place to reduce the risk of crime to a minimum. The features of the security system include:

  • Six PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras.
  • A good standard of lighting.
  • Regular security patrols.
  • Controlled vehicular access.
  • Four help points linked through to the Security Office. There are two buttons at each help point - one for emergency and the other for information. If the emergency button is pressed then the Security Office is automatically alerted; an alarm sounds; lights flash; and cameras automatically focus on the person needing assistance.
  • Landscape planting designed to avoid providing cover where people can lurk.
  • A security fence around the whole Site.
  • Individual bike lockers.

How many places are there?

At the moment there are 300 lockers available with 292 car parking spaces. If demand for the lockers is sufficient then up to another 150 lockers will be installed. In the meantime, motorcyclists can make use of the covered areas in the Park & Cycle car park.