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The space data team at Estate Management are responsible for the information held on the University's live space database Micad, as well as keeping an up to date record of all the CAD drawings/floor plans of the University's buildings on both Micad and BIM 360 Docs

Guidance on viewing and managing our space data is provided below. If you require further information or have any queries, please contact the team at:-

Space Data Team
Estate Management
Greenwich House
Madingley Road

Space data audits and surveys

It is the responsibility of Faculties and Departments to notify the Space data team of any inaccuracies in the data and any changes to the size, type, or use of space. Departments are also asked to participate in an annual audit to ensure that the records held on our Micad space management system are accurate and up to date. The space data/CAD team also carry out a number of surveys on buildings across the estate throughout the year.

Space Information and Guidance

  • Building Information - floor plans, building codes, room names, occupancy details, etc. are held on the Micad system.
  • Requests for additional space or to release space - application forms and information are provided on the Planning & Resource Allocation's website.
  • Space guidelines - the University's space guidelines (revised June 2019).
  • Room Uses guide - this guide is a list of Room Uses which the University uses to categorise the type of rooms that are used for Teaching, Research and Support. The standard list of room uses also enables the University to benchmark with other institutions and their reporting structure.
  • Sharing space with third parties (embedded space) - guidance is provided on the Planning & Resource Allocation's website.