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Estates Division


Below are links to more information and contact email addresses for some of our most common enquiries. 

If you cannot find the information you need here, please contact

Are you considering purchasing or leasing new land, space or property? Property & Land Management
Are you negotiating providing space to an individual or organisation outside of the University?
Has someone contacted you to discuss the lease on a University property?


Building projects  
Do you need to make a substantial change to the building you occupy or its facilities? Estates Projects Form
Do you have a requirement for new space? Accommodation Requirements
Do you have an idea for how the space you occupy could be used more effectively? Reshaping our estate


Maintenance & Minor works    
Is there something broken in the building you occupy? Maintenance Helpdesk
Is there a minor change or upgrade needed to the building you occupy? Minor works


Do you have questions about sustainability or energy in any of the University’s buildings? Sustainability
Do you have questions about sustainable travel to, from or around the University? Travel and transport


Workplace Services    
Catering University Catering Services
Car Parking Car Parking information
Reprographics & Printing Reprographics
Room Bookings Room Bookings


Other queries:


Other services  
Estates Division HR
Health, safety & wellbeing

Below are the contact details and location maps of our main receptions. 

University staff with a Raven password can find the contact details of an individual member of staff within the Estates Division by accessing the institution's section of the University's Lookup directory.

Head Office
Greenwich House
Madingley Road

01223 (3)37770

Mon - Fri
08.00 - 18.00

Greenwich House website

Directions to Greenwich House for Visitors 

Maintenance Helpdesk (24/7)
Laundry Farm
Barton Road

01223 (3)37784


Maintenance Helpdesk webpage

Accommodation Service

01223 (3)38099

Further contact details and opening hours Accommodation Service website