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Sainsbury Laboratory

The University of Cambridge will soon be submitting a planning application for the renewal and resurfacing of the access road to the Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University Botanic Garden and Plant Growth Lab, off Bateman Street. 

The work is necessary as the condition of the roadway surface is currently poor and there is restricted access for cyclists and pedestrians. The drainage system is not working correctly which leads to water on the surface, and, in dry conditions the road surface gets very dusty.

The replacement and improvement of this roadway would provide a long-term solution and benefits to all users. 

The main proposed changes include:

  • Resurfacing the roadway with an impermeable surface
  • Introducing new pedestrian and cycle paths separated from vehicle traffic
  • Creating an infiltration trench to provide improved drainage.

A hedgerow and seven non-native trees (within the hedgerow) on the boundary with properties along Bateman Mews would need to be removed to enable widening of the access for the separate cycle path. In line with our Biodiversity Net Gain commitments this would be mitigated by a larger, more diverse planting scheme, designed by an ecologist, which will include replacing the hedge and trees, as well as additional tree planting. The work is expected to take around a month to complete.

Local residents have been informed and anyone who would like more information about the planning application is invited to get in touch. 

Please email if you have any other queries.

Plan showing proposed new and retained biodiversity features

Biodiversity plan Sainsbury Laboratory renewal