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Estate Management


Estate Management engages with the University's academic community to plan the future development of the estate, and deliver the physical developments needed to turn academic visions into reality.

A variety of services are provided by our experienced professional teams:

  • engagement in the Annual Planning Round, where academic plans for development are scrutinised and prioritised
  • preparation of the Estate Strategy, which provides the strategic context for the development of the estate, and the Capital Plan through which the strategy is delivered
  • engagement in the process for approving major capital projects, including the preparation of concept designs, project costs and business case planning
  • assembling professional teams to prepare detailed designs for development schemes, from individual buildings to major sites
  • project managing the delivery of development
  • town planning
  • development surveying

University Departments equipped with the necessary expertise can apply for formal approval to undertake minor construction works and maintenance works, providing they follow the processes and procedures that Estate Management is required to follow. Further information on the procedure and the University's Sites and Buildings Regulations is available here (internal access only).