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Environmental Stewardship Schemes

The University Farm has entered into Higher and Entry Level Stewardship (HLS & ELS) agreements. Options include the management under stewardship prescriptions of:

  • 23.5km of hedgerows
  • 7.75km of ditches
  • 9.25ha of buffer strips
  • 5.24ha of uncultivated field corners
  • 108ha of permanent pasture managed under no or low nutrient input regimes
  • 16.6ha of formerly arable land established as wildflower meadow
  • 74ha of pasture managed with no nutrient input
  • 6ha of extended overwintered stubble
  • 7.6ha of nectar flower mixes
  • 13.5ha of wild bird seed mixes.


Energy Conservation

Installation of Solar Panels on Farm Buildings

  • Project completed in 2011
  • 12 Solar panels installed on one building
  • Estimated annual savings of £2,000 on energy costs.

Robot cleaning dirty solar panels on farm building.


Lightning Replacement in Farm Buildings

  • Project commissioned in February 2019.
  • 34 LED luminaires replaced the existing Metal Halide luminaires in the Dairy Building, and 6 LEDs replacements made in the Straw Barn.
  • The LEDs have in-built red lamps for improved staff welfare during night time working.
  • £10,000 savings in annual energy consumption.
  • Reduction of 22% in total carbon emissions.


Slurry & Farmyard Manure Management

Trailing Shoe used to apply slurry