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Maxwell Centre (Images courtesy of BDP)

Project Brief:


A centrepiece building created to pioneer revolutionary “blue skies” research and industrial partnership in the physical sciences.

It offers laboratory and meeting spaces for more than 230 people and houses researchers from the University’s Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Engineering, and Material Sciences and Metallurgy departments. It is also a home to two EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) Centres for Doctoral Training, the SKF University Technology Centre, the Energy@Cambridge Initiative and connects to several other Cambridge Strategic Research Initiatives and Networks.

The new facilities has research scientists from industry occupying laboratory and desk space alongside the Cambridge research groups, with the aim of creating a two-way flow of ideas and exposing the best early career researchers to scientific problem-solving that relates directly to industrial need.

Site address:   JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge CB3 0HE
Size:   5000 sqm
Construction Cost:   £ 26M
Project Manager:   Emel Kus
Contractor:   SDC
Architect:   BDP
Status:   Work started 07/2014
Work completed 05/2016
More information:  

Maxwell Centre
Project website