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Alan Williams photography © Nicholas Hare Architects

Project Brief:


The David Attenborough Building is located in the heart of the city, on the University of Cambridge’s New Museums Site. It provides a vibrant hub for the partners in the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI), a unique collaboration between the University of Cambridge and the Cambridge-based cluster of leading conservation organisations, and the Museum of Zoology.

It houses over 500 academics, practitioners and students from the University and its CCI partner organisations.

Site address:   New Museums Site, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ
Size:   17 000 sqm
Construction Cost:   £ 37M
Project Manager:   Deborah Griffith
Contractor:   Kier Group
Architect:   Nicolas Hare Architects
Status:   Work started 11/11/2013
Work completed 14/06/2016
More information:  

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