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Black & white Printing & Photocopying

We have a Minimum charge of £1 otherwise our prices are:

A4 standard prices using 80gsm white paper:

  • Double sided: £0.03 per print
  • Single sided: £0.04 per print
  • Booklet Printing (Folded/stapled to A5): £0.05 per A4 print
  • Folding: +£0.01 per print

A3 standard prices using 80gsm white paper:

  • Double sided: £0.06 per print
  • Single sided: £0.08 per print
  • Booklet Printing (Folded/stapled to A4): £0.09 per A3 print
  • Folding: +£0.01 per print

Colour Printing & Photocopying

Standard prices using 80gsm paper:

  • A4: £0.25 per print
  • A3 £0.50 per print

Paper & Card Stock

See here for details.

Wide Format Printing

  • A2: £5.00 (inc. VAT) per print
  • A1: £10.00 (inc. VAT) per print
  • A0: £15.00 (inc. VAT) per print
  • Roll Up Banner (2m x 850mm): £54 (inc. VAT) each
  • Roll Up Banner Replacement Graphic (2m x 850mm): £30 (inc. VAT) each

Other sizes will be charged at £20 (inc VAT) per m².

Business Cards

Available in the standard 85 x 55mm size (min. order 100).

  • Standard Cards (inc. setup in house style): £10.00 for 100
  • Additional cards: £5.00 per 100

Full bleed and double sided cards also available. You can send orders for business cards by email using the following form:

Cover Binding

Available in A4 only, clear front cover with black spine & back card cover, other colours available.

For over 500 please call in advance.

  • 1 - 28 pages: £0.60 per bind
  • 29 - 55 pages: £0.70 per bind
  • 56 - 84 pages: £0.80 per bind
  • 85 - 120 pages: £0.90 per bind

Thermal Binding

Available off-line in A4 in three sizes, up to 300 pages. Can be bound in various colours.

  • 5 - 100 pages: £0.40 per bind
  • 101 - 200 pages: £0.50 per bind
  • 201 - 300 pages: £0.60 per bind

Spiral Binding

  • 46 - 65 pages: £0.50
  • 66 - 100 pages: £0.75

Please contact us for details.


Available for use as covers £0.25 each.


  • A5: £0.20 per laminate
  • A4: £0.40 per laminate
  • A3: £0.80 per laminate
  • A2: £4.00 per laminate
  • A1: £6.00 per laminate
  • A0: £12.00 per laminate

Other sizes will be charged at £12 per m².

Additional Services

Graphic Design*

We can set up booklets, leaflets, flyers, posters, postcards etc. charged at £25 per hour, rounded to the closest quarter on an hour.
*may not be available during busy periods, please ask for details.

Labour charges

We may apply a labour charge for additional services such as cutting, hole punching, scanning etc. charged at £20 per hour.

Mail merge

We can mail merge various items including letters, place cards, names badges etc. please contact us for more details.


We need full information on who will be paying to make sure all invoices are processed correctly.

  • For internal Divisions, Departments etc we require a copy of a purchase order or your department code.
  • Univeristy of Cambridge College staff can be invoiced via their College.
  • For external organisations, students or individuals payment is due on collection in cash or by card.

All prices given are using A4 80gsm white paper unless otherwise stated. All information is subject to change. All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.