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Estate Management

The aim of this page is to provide a single informative resource for anyone who needs to understand or access the web based information systems used by Estate Management. This page is administered by the Business Improvement Group (BIG) team which is part of the Business Services section at Estate Management. If you have any queries or comments about the content of these pages, or the systems we use, please contact the BIG helpdesk.

We use a number of IT systems to support the management of our buildings related information and projects. An overview of some of the main systems that we use is given below, with links to further information, including details of how to access each system. If you have an idea for a new system or improvement to an existing system, please email the BIG Team.

EM Systems status

System Current status
Buzzsaw Operational
Micad Operational
Project in a Box Operational
Prism Operational
Planet Operational


Lodge Operational


Current issues