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Estates Division

Storey's Field Centre

The University of Cambridge Environmental Sustainability Team's Sustainability Showcase 2024 will celebrate and inspire with the finest examples of sustainability at Cambridge. The Storeys Field Community Centre at Eddington will host this year's Showcase event, which takes place 20 June from 1-4pm.

The event kicks off with a welcome and opening address from Head of Environmental Sustainability Sally Pidgeon, highlighting the University's environmental sustainability successes published in the Annual Environmental Sustainability Report.

This year's environmental sustainability successes from across the University will be the focus of attention, with the efforts of Green Impact Teams rewarded with an awards presentation.

Presentations will follow, with information about new projects which could change the world, including the creation of a market for cash products that don't contribute to the financing of fossil fuel expansion, and an early-stage climate pitch for a sustainable data centre cooling solution in equatorial climates. Transport Coordinator Stewart Bethell will also give a presentation about the Modeshift Stars transport platform.

Following the awards ceremony and presentations, Origin 8 will provide refreshments and nibbles while attendees can network and socialise.

Short biodiversity-focused walks will also be taking place to give visitors an insight into the ecology at Eddington.

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