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Car Parking applications

University employees are not automatically entitled to free parking spaces. There are 32 University car parks at which the demand for staff parking far outweighs the available space. For this reason, parking has to be strictly controlled.

Each site has its yearly allocation of car parking spaces decided by the Finance Committee; badges are then issued to named individuals according to availability of spaces and need. The number of badges depends on current staff numbers and site capacities. It is assumed that not everyone will use their space each day, and so more badges are allocated than there are spaces available, to the ratio of a maximum of 1.8:1.

Allocation of spaces is organised by your local Administrator, to whom parking badge application forms should be sent when requesting one. The need for a parking badge is considered in terms of a strict order of priorities. The higher you come in the following list, the more likely you are to get a parking space:

  1. person who is a Blue Badge Holder;
  2. persons with other medical or physical conditions which necessitate that they should park in close proximity to their place of work;
  3. family commitments - a need to attend to dependent family members during the day (e.g. taking/collecting children to/from nursery or school, visiting elderly or hospitalised family members) in areas not immediately accessible by public transport;
  4. unsocial hours of work - a requirement to work unsocial hours on a regular and frequent basis, finishing and/or starting at a time when public transport provision does not provide a viable alternative;
  5. persons having a requirement to use a car for work purposes on a regular basis during the working day as an essential part of their duties;
  6. persons who are prepared to undertake a formal car sharing arrangement;
  7. inadequate public transport - applicable to staff who reside beyond a distance where they could reasonably be expected to walk or cycle to work, in areas beyond reasonable reach of public transport. [Staff applying on this basis should note why they need to drive into Cambridge rather than use the Park and Ride.]
  8. staff who are willing and able to park their vehicle at the University secure park and cycle facility and cycle, walk or take the University shuttle bus service to their place of work (only those staff working on Central Sites are eligible).

Research and other students are not granted parking badges except on medical grounds.

Special passes for evening/weekend parking and for regular visitors are available on some sites - ask your local administrator for details.

How do I apply for a car parking permit?

Please complete this form if you wish to apply for a car parking permit.

Please note you will need a Raven account to access this form (to find out more about Raven go to: To apply for an account click here.

We will send the Departmental Administrator details of their Department's applications for verification and final approval before permits are issued.

For information on how we use your data in Car Parking Applications, please refer to this page.

Please note that staff are not guaranteed a parking permit as we usually receive more applications than available spaces.

Park and Cycle

The Park and Cycle facility is located at the West Cambridge Site, off Clerk Maxwell Road, and has been in operation since 2001.

Who can apply?

The scheme is available to all City Centre-based University of Cambridge staff.

How does it work?

It works in the same way as a Park and Ride but with bikes! Essentially a user can drive to the Park and Cycle area, park their car, take out their bike from an individual locker and cycle the rest of the way to work. Water proof clothing and cycle helmets etc. can also be stored in the lockers.

It is not compulsory to cycle. Staff can still use the facility if they wish to jog, walk or take the subsidised Universal bus to complete their journey.

Cars cannot be left overnight except by prior arrangements.

Is it safe? (Will my bike get stolen?)

Security and personal safety at the Site has been carefully considered and is top priority. The University has developed the design of the scheme in conjunction with the Police and the Automobile Association (AA). The facility is accredited with the Park Mark under the safer parking award scheme, an initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers in conjunction with the British Parking Association.

There is an extensive security system in place to reduce the risk of crime to a minimum. The features of the security system include:

  • Six PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras.
  • A good standard of lighting.
  • Regular security patrols.
  • Controlled vehicular access.
  • Four help points linked through to the Security Office. There are two buttons at each help point - one for emergency and the other for information. If the emergency button is pressed then the Security Office is automatically alerted; an alarm sounds; lights flash; and cameras automatically focus on the person needing assistance.
  • Landscape planting designed to avoid providing cover where people can lurk.
  • A security fence around the whole Site.
  • Individual bike lockers.

How many places are there?

At the moment there are 300 lockers available with 292 car parking spaces. If demand for the lockers is sufficient then up to another 150 lockers will be installed. In the meantime, motorcyclists can make use of the covered areas in the Park & Cycle car park.

How do I apply?

You can apply using the online car parking application form.

Electric Charge points

The University currently has 16 electric charge points across the centrally managed car parks as follows:

  • 4 in the Park and Cycle car park at the West Cambridge site
  • 4 in Car Park 8 on the West Cambridge site
  • 4 at Greenwich House, Madingley Rise site
  • 2 on the Sidgwick site at the rear of the Institute of Criminology
  • 2 on the Downing site next to the substation at the main entrance to the site (Tennis court road)

These spaces are available to permit holders only who have applied for access to them, as per the instructions provided below.

How do I register to use the charge points?

Please follow the steps below to start using the charge points:

Step 1 – Register on EV charge online using the following link:

Step 2 – Using the link sent to your registered email by EV charge online, activate your account.

Step 3 – After your account has been activated, forward your EV Charge registered email and mobile number to Steve Matthews. You will be added as a driver to the portal to start using charge points free of charge. Once added, you will receive an email to confirm you have been added to “a host”.

Step 4 – You are now ready to start charging. 

Each time you come to charge you will need to select the specific point on your EV Charge account. Once selected you can start charging. Currently we have set the maximum charging time at 6 hours, after the 6 hours your car will stop charging.

If you have any problems, please contact Steve Matthews on 01223 760957 or by email.

If you require further information or advice on parking regulations within the University please contact:

Facilities Management

University Centre

Granta Place

Cambridge CB2 1RU
01223 (7)48134

Further travel information for staff, students and visitors is available on the dedicated Travel web page which is managed by the Environment Section.