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View of the new North Range of Buildings (Image credit: Bennetts Associates Architects)

Project Brief:


The North Range of Buildings (NRB) project is within the New Museums Site (NMS) in central Cambridge. The project has the dual aim of providing new and refurbished space to accommodate a new student services centre and examination halls, whilst also being the second phase of the NMS master plan that will greatly improve the public realm of this important central site.

Site address:   New Museum Site, Cambridge CB2 3QN
Size:   4200 m2 new and 2900 m2 refurbished
Construction Cost:   £ 32M
Project Manager:   Deborah Griffith
Contractor:   Kier Group plc
Architect:   Bennetts Associates
Status:   Work started 11/04/2016
Work completed 27/02/2019
More information:   SSC Project website
NMS Site Development website