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The Simon Sainsbury Centre (Images courtesy of Hufton+Crow)

Project Brief:


The main focus of the project was the development of a large building on the rear of the site replacing the existing student hostels on Tennis Court Road. This facility provides world-class teaching facilities for executive-level programmes, two raked teaching spaces for degree programmes, a combination of open plan and individual offices and meeting rooms as well as significantly enhanced dining facilities which will allow members of the Cambridge Judge community to enjoy shared dining in a way that has not been historically possible.

Site address:   Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1AG
Size:   5,000 sqm
Construction Cost:   £ 22M
Project Manager:   Deborah Griffith
Contractor:   SDC Builders Ltd
Architect:   Stanton Williams
Status:   Work started 01/06/2015
Work completed 27/10/2017
More information:   Project website