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Project in a Box is Estate Management’s project information and tracking tool.  It holds information on all current projects as well as an archive of recently completed projects.  All projects will be visible to EM Staff allowing everyone to see the scale and type of work that is proceeding.  Project in a Box holds key documents which will enable us to hold full and current records as the project progresses, which in turn will populate Buzzsaw, Micad and Planet.


Piab Screen

Project in a Box can be used to create Gantt charts, risk registers, manage issues and changes to scope and provide a variety of standardised reports for management, Committees and Project Boards.  The projects are grouped into Portfolios which provides managers with a bird’s eye view of the work that is underway in their remit.


Who uses the tool and how to access it?

Anyone who is working on a project should use Project in a Box.  EM agreed that all Major Projects should be in the system and all projects that have a warrant.  Any other projects should be discussed with your line manager for a decision.

University Staff who have Project in a Box installed on their pc and have received training will have access and should use the desktop icon (see below) for Project in a Box.

Further information and guidance are available for internal EM staff on our Project Support page.


Project in a Box information sheet