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Estate Management

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All our Building Projects, whether new-build or refurbishment schemes, are undertaken on behalf of the University by the Estate Projects section which comprises building professionals from a variety of disciplines, including Architects and Services Engineers. This section works on both Major Projects and Minor Works, either as Project Managers or in a supportive role.

Major Projects are those that are estimated to cost in excess of £2million and are considered to be Capital Projects. The University’s Estate Strategy sets out the strategic background for the development of capital projects. These projects are developed and controlled through the Capital Projects Process which is overseen by the Planning & Resource Allocation Office (PRAO) and all decisions are made by the Planning & Resources Committee (PRC).  Estate Management’s involvement in the development of these projects includes assistance with the Business Case and in carrying out Space Analysis.

Our Project Managers (PMs) take responsibility for the management of their projects from inception to physical and financial completion. For each scheme they will commission the Consultant resources needed to develop the design, specification and cost estimates, lead the briefing process with the User Department, direct the project team in all matters related to the invitation and award of the building contract, and generally manage the interface between the University and the Project Team, ensuring compliance with University procedures and reporting as appropriate. PMs are supported by a Services Engineer who provides specialist advice with respect to the design of the mechanical and electrical services content of projects.

Minor Works projects are those valued at less than £2million, including new buildings, refurbishment and restructuring work, or which improve access for the disabled. Further information on the Minor Works process is provided on the PRAO website - click here. The Projects team undertakes the design development for their particular elements of smaller projects, and commission Consultant resources for the design of the remaining elements, and subsequently manage the implementation of the works.